Rabbi Yanky Moddel

Director/Head Counselor

Rabbi Moddel founded Camp Mechaya in the summer of 2015. He continues to direct the camp with a clear vision and a passion to create the ultimate experience. Reb Yanky has been breathing camp for over two decades, and brings with him a wealth of experience. He works tirelessly with his talented staff to create and implement engaging and challenging activities that align with the camp's mission and goals. He is passionate about the camp experience and dedicated to providing an enriching and memorable experience for campers and staff alike. He understands the importance of each summer in the life of every boy. He has the unique capability to imbue the camp with his trademark energy and geshmak while connecting with each camper on a personal level.



Rabbi Chaim Weissman


Our exceptional Menahel, Rabbi Chaim Weissman is an accomplished and popular Rebbe. He has a wealth of experience in Chinuch, and a keen understanding of the needs and development of our heilige campers. In addition to overseeing the Ruchniyusdike aspects of Mechaya, his unbelievable talent and creativity are a huge bonus and a tremendous asset to our camp.


Rabbi Shaya Zwiebel

Learning Director

Reb Shaya possesses vast experience in leading successful camp learning programs. He is dedicated to achieving the ideal balance between learning and incentives to ensure that each camper reaches his full potential and maximizes his time in camp. He has an outstanding reputation, and he has transformed traditional camp learning groups into a robust learning program, where boys truly shteig and enjoy.

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